How to grow your biceps | Podcast

grow your biceps
How to grow your biceps - Exclusive In this podcast Mr.Indore Farhan Khan tells you how to grow your biceps with a different training style. Listen...

Bodybuilders scared of marriage | Podcast

Bodybuilders scared of marriage In this podcast i make you meet, Happy Rehal a professional bodybuilder and his wife. they are sharing their struggle...

Bodybuilder who is a school security guard | VIDEO

school security guard
This story of Mohit Chaprana will make you emotional. Mohit's father is a farmer who never had money to support his education. He therefore...

Life of a female bodybuilder | VIDEO

female bodybuilder
There are very few people in India, who support their wife when it comes to bodybuilding. But Raj Kanojia is an exception, he is...

Mr Universe Wasim Khan bodybuilder training secrets | VIDEO

wasim khan bodybuilder
Wasim Khan bodybuilderI remember meeting Wasim Khan bodybuilder a few years ago in his New Delhi Gym. As a Founder of TG Talks media,...

No legs Bodybuilder Goosebumps guaranteed | VIDEO

No legs bodybuilder
I met this boy Shovan few years ago in a bodybuilding competition. And since then he has been an inspiration for me. Now he...

Yatinder Singh Low budget Diet plan

yatinder singh
Yatinder Singh -- the Catalyst I remember meeting Yatinder Singh, a few years ago, in his Gurgaon based gym, Otwo near Delhi. I was amazed...

Youtuber Jeet Selal HST 10 Program Review

jeet selal
Jeet Selal - The Himalayan StallionI remember the first time I heard about Jeet Selal. It was one of his "how-to" workout video that...