Amazing 12 weeks transformation

amazing 12 weeks transformation

Amazing 12 weeks transformation but can you transform your body in 12 weeks? Well, for most people, it is an impossible task, but for people like Aftab, it is possible.

A transformation is when people look at your before-after pictures and comment, it is not possible in such a short time. If they start questioning and doubting your natural status, it means your transformation is worth talking about amongst people.

That's precisely the transformation Aftab went through. If you look at his pictures, your jaws will drop down in disbelief.

Transformation believe it or not is a journey. Even if you get transformed, and achieve your goal, you will set out a new target for yourself. That is how you continue to set new benchmarks for yourself, not just for your physique but for your professional goals as well.

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Question is, what exactly did Aftab do to get transformed. 

Aftab amazing 12 weeks transformation 

If you see Aftab, you can never tell that he was obese. Yes, he was an overweight boy all through his life, and then one day decided to change his body.

The motivation comes from within; there has to be a solid reason for you to get transformed. Aftab's goal was to get in the best shape of his life, which he achieved in 12 weeks. 

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His secret to 12 weeks transformation


Put up a picture on the wall

The best way to achieve your goal is to visualize how you want to look. Draw a picture in your mind and then just put it on the wall. It could be of an actor or an athlete, who motivates you and then go at it, precisely what Aftab did!

How can you embark on a journey when you don't even know your destination. That is what I was doing earlier, with my failed transformation attempt- trying to transform myself without any end goal in mind.

But the day I started practicing visualisation, things began to change. I was turning into the person who I always wanted to be.

I had put up pictures of Gerrard Butler, from the movie, 300. His photographs were everywhere in my house. Where ever I would go, I would find his picture. That picture got engraved in my mind, and started getting a feeling; I can do it.


Diet is the key

Work out consistency is one, but maintaining a diet for twenty-four hours can be a challenge. I know how hard it has been to have a transformation diet on point, its an everyday practice routine.

I need to maintain my diet wherever I go! Carrying boiled chicken and eggs has become a daily routine for me.

I feel protein in every meal, can change your body drastically. That is why I carry my protein everywhere, just in case if there is no availability.


You are your competition

Transformation, besides changing your body, also changes you as a person. Earlier, I used to compare myself with other athletes, without realizing that they have their unique, strong points.

I always found myself comparing to them, trying to convince myself that i am better. This comparison only made me feel miserable.

But in the transformation journey, I realized that I am my competition. I don't have to compete with anyone else. And this allowed me to push myself to extreme boundaries and finally achieved my goal.


The all-important Form

Proper Form and weight lifting technique, holds the key to your transformation. It's not about lifting heavy but lifting enough for maximum contraction and stimulation.

The idea is to train smart, not heavy! Earlier I made the mistake of lifting so heavy that I almost injured myself. And an injury can put your goals and dreams way behind.

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