6 weeks natural transformation

6 weeks natural transformation

6 weeks natural transformation, is it really possible!

It has become a trend apparently, that every time you see someone with a decent physique, you start thinking to yourself.

People react differently when they see someone natural. 

People Reactions when they see someone


He cant be natural


No way, you can get that physique naturally.


He must have taken a lot of substances. 

But little do we know that naturally also we can acquire a fit physique, which can be the talk of the town amongst all your peers.

Recently I met up with this young 21-year-old boy, Hemant Khowal. He was kind enough to invite me to his house. Interviewing and featuring young and aspiring fit athletes is part of my job. That is what TG Talks Media is all about. To date, we have featured more than 300 athletes, along with their families.

Hemant's father is a bike mechanic, who leaves no stone unturned to support his son's fitness endeavors. On the contrary, he is very supportive and wants his son to make a career in the fitness industry. 

6 weeks natural transformation

I spoke to his entire family, and they shared how disciplined Hemant is for his fitness. He cooks and carries all his meals to college. He leaves for college early in the morning and comes back later in the evening. And after twelve hours of commuting daily, including college classes, he comes back home and goes for his training.

And if that's not enough, he gives online coaching later in the night for an hour, to earn an extra side income for all his fitness expenses.

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When people comment I am on steroids 

People do sometimes comment on seeing his physique that he must have experimented with anabolics. But he takes it as a compliment. 

"If I can get a frame naturally, which looks like I am on steroids, I must be doing something right." 

Quotation marks image 03

So what exactly is Hemant doing, is what I wanted to ask, so people can learn and apply to their fitness routine, if their goal is to transform their physique? His transformation secrets 

Give a timeline 

When I transformed my physique, I was clear that I have to do it in six weeks. When you have a deadline, things become visible, and your focus is very different. They say, a goal without a deadline is just a thought.

I gave myself six weeks to turn my body around. It's not that I was not training, I was lifting, but with no clear vision of where I want to take my body. Trust me; everything changes when you set a goal with a deadline.

Everything revolves around that, and that tests you as an individual. Some people give up but who don't end up achieving their goal. I happen to be in the latter category. Says Hemant.

A supportive group of friends 

The problem with transformation is that the people around us tend to influence our transformation goals. For example, having friends who always want to eat out, and would also want to force you to do the same. And it becomes challenging to say no to them, especially when you are in college, because they might outcast you in college, leaving you all alone.

But a group of supportive friends will always understand and respect your goal, and would never push you to eat outside. Thankfully, I have such friends who know my purpose of fitness. Transformation is not just a fad for me but a way of life that I want to excel in by inspiring as many people as I can.

What's your purpose of transformation 

Most of us don't know why we want to get transformed in the first place. The clear understanding of " our why" can make a massive difference to the outcome. 

Ask yourself why you want to transform your body. Your "why" should be so strong that whatever may come, you would not budge from your goal. 

Earlier, also I tried transforming my body but was not successful. Only because I had no "why." And the day I chose my "why," which is to motivate and inspire India with my fitness and transformation, my body changed. 

Your "why" is what drives you to move forward and never let you give up. The stronger the why, the easier your goal becomes. 

No magic diet 

I had no magic diet; you can see my menu below on what all I was eating.

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