India’s strongest and aesthetic bodybuilder

aesthetic bodybuilder

Aesthetic bodybuilder, who is making India proud.

There are so many Indian bodybuilders, who are making India proud by winning international competitions. But the sad truth is that no one gets to know about them. That is why we created TG Talks media, where every athlete gets an opportunity to be featured.

So far, we have covered over 300 hundred Indian athletes on this platform. And today, we are proud to feature 23-year old, Dhanasekar Sakthivel, a Miami Pro winner, from South India, who is the future of Indian bodybuilding. 

He is not only aesthetic but also strong too, a very rare combination in the sport of bodybuilding. 

Aesthetic Bodybuilder - The start

Dhanasekar has always been athletic. He, along with YuvaPrakash, first Indian Mr. World, have been childhood friends and work out partners. Dhanasekar, was part of the school athletics team as well.

And when he turned 15, he started going to the gym so that he could perform better in his sports. He got hooked onto weight training and never went back to athletics.

Within a year, he started participating in local bodybuilding competitions, and found himself winning most of them. These wins gave him the confidence he needed to excel in bodybuilding.

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Very few people know that Dhanasekar has an engineering degree. He did well in his academics too. But while pursuing his graduation, he found love in bodybuilding. And while studying, he was also competing in major bodybuilding competitions.

After his four years of studying engineering, he decided to choose bodybuilding over engineering.

Family support 

Initially, Dhanasekar family was not supportive of bodybuilding, as they thought of it as just another hobby for him. But when he started winning medals and accolades in bodybuilding, Dhanasekar's parents began taking this profession very seriously.

So much so, they even offered Dhansekar money to prepare for his competition, which included supplements and nutrition needs. The support came at the right time for Dhanasekar. He now could focus on his sport without having to worry about any financial constraints.

Prove it and earn it 

Remember, parents will need support you if you prove to them about how serious you are about bodybuilding by winning medals. Before I won any major competition, my parents never took me and my bodybuilding seriously. But winning medals changed my parents perspective. 

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Turning professional 

Dhanasekar was so confident that after his graduation, he immediately left for Miami, US, to compete in an international competition. He just wanted an exposure, regardless of the outcome. But to his surprise, he won the Miami Pro competition, an international show, with credibility.

This victory turned out to be the turning point in his career. People in the international fitness industry started to take notice of him.

Winning an international bodybuilding competition for an Indian first-timer is not easy. That win made him believe that he can be an international bodybuilder who can win more medals for India. 


Success secrets


Cant be second best

From childhood, my problem has been is that I can't be the second-best in anything I do. If I decide to do anything, I have to excel in it. I have to be the best in everything I do.

This competitive nature of mine has made me win a lot of medals in school and now in bodybuilding. My advice is that if you put your heart in anything, give your best, and don't settle for less.


Love the process 

For me, life is not about winning medals but giving your best effort. Its the journey that matters, not the actual destination. I don't quantify success with medals but your hard work. Every time I participate in a competition, I ask myself, "Have I given my 100% regardless of the outcome".

If the answer is yes, then I could not have done more. Results and outcomes are not in our hands, but the hard work is. Focus on what you can control, and the rest will pan out.

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