1 reason why bodybuilders love alcohol

why bodybuilders love alcohol

Why bodybuilders love alcohol, now don't get me wrong, I am not for or against any alcohol use, it is a personal choice. But I have seen people who quit alcohol and adopt a fitness lifestyle, but soon they go back to their usual alcohol habits.

And whatever gains they made when they were off alcohol, disappeared. So in this article, I will not tell you not to drink alcohol because you already know the side effects of it. But instead will show you a way on how you can integrate it with a fitness lifestyle, because some of the biggest bodybuilders have done it successfully. 

Alcohol and bodybuilding are friends with benefits

Believe me, if I tell you that almost seventy-five percent of the world's top bodybuilder athletes, take some form of alcohol before their big competition. 

Why bodybuilders love alcohol

Because of its dehydrating properties, alcohol is preferred by many bodybuilders one week before their main competition. Most of them opt for either wine or vodka.

Think of the last time you had vodka, and how many times you went to pee, or even had a dry mouth for hours. 

Something that bodybuilders do around the competition time to dehydrate themselves so that they could get more vascular and muscular

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If it's that good, we must drink more 

Remember, bodybuilders, when they are preparing for their big show, they are on a rigorous diet and training program. For them, alcohol is a substitute for another devil called diuretics, medicines that take out water from your body. And this is far more dangerous than consuming alcohol. 

So bodybuilder choice is alcohol only to look good on stage

Alcohol has dehydrating properties that athletes use. But at the same time, it has weigh gain properties which make people put on weight. 

Alcohol has empty calories! Unlike carbohydrates, proteins, or fats, which give you some benefits, alcohol has no calorie benefits. 

One gram of alcohol has seven calories now unless you don't use these calories for energy, you will store them as fat. 

And that is why too much alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain. 

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What's the way to maintain a good physique and yet drink alcohol

Ishu Thakur, a professional bodybuilder, gave me the answer when I featured him on India's number one fitness interview platform, TG Talks Media.

Ishu is your regular 21-year-old boy with a fabulous physique. And he loves to drink. Now imagine, how can you maintain a body like Ishu, when you drink.

I drink once a week, and I ensure it is out of my system. I know alcohol is empty calories, so I balance it in such a way that it doesn't affect my body fat percentage. Says Ishu

Here is how to drink alcohol - the booze rules 

how bodybuilder drinks

Choose a day

You cant be drinking every day, that's why choose a day in a week, when you would drink. I prefer Saturday night, and i know my body knows what to expect on a Saturday evening. On Saturdays, I keep my calories count to a minimum, since I know the evening drinking session will dominate my calorie intake. 

Know the calories  

Always remember, one gram of alcohol is equal to 7 calories. So if I drink a quarter of scotch on a Saturday evening, my calorie count would look like this. 

Scotch intake- 175 ml 

Alcohol content - 87 grams (50% alcohol content) 

One gram alcohol - 7 calories 

87 grams alcohol- 609 calories 

Misc calories- 400 calories 

Total calorie intake for the evening- 1000 calories. 

Every Saturday evening, I am giving my body 1000 empty calories, which I need to burn, and I keep a count of that to maintain my body weight. 

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Treat alcohol as a cheat meal 

I don't have cheat meals, because I know my cheat meal would be on Saturday evening. I don't cheat on my diet all through the week, because I reward will come on a Saturday. Cheat meal is also an effective way to reset your body's metabolism and give a break from the usual eating routine.

Get your 8-hour sleep 

On the day I party and drink, I make it a point to sleep for at least eight hours. That is one of the reasons I choose Saturdays for my cheat night, which allows me to sleep longer the next day. A good night sleep will ensure minimal hangover the following day.

Drink enough water  

While you are drinking, it is not a bad idea to gulp down a glass of water before your alcoholic drink. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and prevent you from dehydration the next day. Trust me; you don't want to waste your day recovering from a terrible drinking session. 

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