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If you are fit or want to make a career in fitness, learn fitness marketing tips and tricks by the fitness marketing expert. Know how you can make money in fitness online and offline

kashish wadhwa

Kashish Wadhwa making five lacs a month in fitness

Kashish Wadhwa - the journeyHow to make money in fitness is what most youngsters struggle with! Even veterans who have been in this industry...
fitness trainers

Sunny Roy |Fitness trainers make more money than MBAs

Fitness trainers make more money - Find out Bodybuilding is not a game of strength anymore; it has become more scientific in the last few...
fitness Instagrammer

The beautiful female fitness Instagrammer

Female fitness Instagrammer There is nothing wrong with being fat or overweight. But it's the people around you that make your life a living hell....
bodybuilders retire

Insane What happens when bodybuilders retire

When bodybuilders retire  Bodybuilding is a competitive sport, where athletes put their whole lives at risk to be the best version of themselves. But when...
monthly expense

Crazy Monthly Expense of a bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Monthly expense  We all, at some point, wish we had the physique of a bodybuilder. But very few people know that what does it...
product reviews

How to make money with product reviews

As India’s leading fitness marketing expert I have built a business around, reviewing products and services for various brands. Now the question is why...
Fitness instagrammer

How to become a fitness instagrammer

Fitness Instagrammer is now becoming a full time job. Gone are those days when people were using Instagram for social acceptance including selfies and...
brand sponsorship

How to get brand sponsorship

Tarun weight loss approach, is a book for everyone who wants to lose weight and gain muscle. Because weight loss, can be a battle,...
fitness marketing with tarun gill, make money in fitness online

Make money in fitness online |five easy steps

Can I make money online in fitness? What is the best career in fitness? What is the highest paying job in the fitness industry?...

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