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gaurav david

Gaurav David- the farmer

There is no dearth of inspirational fitness stories in India. From villages to metro cities, you would find bodybuilders and athletes who are crazy about fitness in every part of the country.

And that's the story of Gaurav David, a boy from a small village in UP. Gaurav was a quintessential desi farmer, who was helping his father with his agricultural chores. They owned a farm, where they would grow and sell wheat and rice year after year.

Tarun Gill Founder TG Talks Media, in conversation with Gaurav David. 

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Gaurav David - The athlete

Gaurav wanted to venture out and wanted to do something on his own. He first experimented with opening a small restaurant in Greater Noida, UP, which did reasonably well but did not satisfy Gaurav. He realized that he wasn't passionate enough to make this restaurant work. 

Gaurav David transformation training and diet plan

Love for bodybuilding

To figure out his passion, he joined a local neighbourhood gym. As much as he enjoyed his weight training sessions, he had no clue of the diet protocol to grow new muscle mass.

But Gaurav developed an instant liking for weight training. His elder brother Sonu Dedha, mentored him on weight training nutrition, and within weeks, Gaurav started seeing changes in his body.

For the first time, he felt so passionate and emotionally connected that he started thinking about making a career in the fitness industry.

Turning point  

Gaurav trained for almost three years in his local gym. And then one day, while he was training, his younger siblings recommended that he should join a better gym, which can do justice to his physique. In February 2019, he joined a fully loaded gym, with all the top of the line equipment.

To his good luck, even his siblings trained in this gym. Gaurav's brothers were preparing for a prestigious Sheru Classic championship for July 2019. Seeing Gaurav conditioning, they insisted that even he should compete in that competition.

free fitness courses

The prep Begins

Gaurav took the challenge upon himself and started his preparation. He didn't have a coach, so he started looking up Youtube videos for guidance. Within weeks he got his A-game for the show and went for the competition.

He shocked the audience by securing 4th position in his very first bodybuilding national competition. This turned out to be the turning point in his career. He got the direction that he needed to build a career in the fitness industry. He turned Pro.

The achievement  

The July 2019 win gave Gaurav so much confidence that he decided to compete professionally. He then prepared for Amateur Olympia, one of the most toughest bodybuilding competition in the world.

He won a medal at Amateur Olympia, held in Mumbai, which earned him so much love from his loved ones. When he returned to his village, he got a warm welcome at the airport, with all his fans gathered with garlands to welcome their local hero.

Gaurav, now knew, he had become who he always wanted to be.


Gaurav's Amateur Olympia medal also attracted many sponsors. He always wanted to study nutrition and sports anabolics in detail. GSB academy, came forward and sponsored his education for free, as a support to Gaurav.

Life as a Pro  

Gaurav is enjoying every moment of his life ever since he turned a pro bodybuilder. His fondest memory is of appearing in a bodybuilding competition, within hours and winning a medal.

Bodybuilders take months to prepare for competition, and Gaurav, with his top conditioning, can participate in any bodybuilding competition without much practice. He makes it possible because he is always in top condition and never go offseason.

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Tarun Gill is India's leading fitness marketing expert with a following of more than 1 million. He is also the Founder of TG Talks Media, India's biggest fitness media platform. He is a graduate from St Stephens College Delhi . He also holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management and Journalism. After serving major Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, HSBC, he took up fitness as a full time career, becoming India's first full time fitness Youtuber. Tarun is also an amazon bestselling fitness authors with six bestselling books under his belt. Recently he turned TV Producer by launching India's biggest fitness league, IFL, along with Bollywood actor, Suneil Shetty.


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