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Jeet Selal - The Himalayan Stallion

I remember the first time I heard about Jeet Selal. It was one of his "how-to" workout video that had gone viral, and somehow it reached me as well. When I opened the video, I saw this well-spoken, educated, good looking guy, talking about exercise and nutrition.

That was the year 2016, and since then, he has come a long way. If there is anyone in India, who can teach exercise and techniques scientifically, that will be Jeet Selal. I call him the AthleanX of India. People in fitness know how credible Athlean X is, and to me, Jeet Selal has always been a go-to guy to see any exercise technique. 


People often compare YouTubers with one another, but all of them have one goal in mind, which is to add value to people's lives. I would not deny, I also did some how-to exercise videos showcasing other athletes and bodybuilders alongside to demonstrate the right technique.

But the way Jeet does it, it's commendable. And I say this with utmost pride, that we do have someone in India who is so knowledgeable that we can trust. 

Recently I came across his HST-10 program, which appears to be very promising. Lets review it. 

Jeet Selal Program Overview - Video

About the program - HST 10

HST stands for Hypertrophy strength and tempo training. According to Jeet Selal, this program is for anyone looking to get results both male and female. The only criteria is that you need to have at least 1-2 years of training experience. Please note, this program is not for the beginners.

Benefits of HST 10 

As per Jeet Selal, HST-10 is ideal for people who 

  • Are not getting results and want to break the plateau 
  • Want to lose weight, HST-10 burns a lot of calories.

Workout manual 

You can download the complete workout plan from here

Weight selection

As per Jeet Selal, weight selection will play a vital role in the overall effectiveness of HST-10. The weight he is recommending is 40-50% of 1 Rep Max, which means you don't have to lift super heavy, which will help you prevent any major injury setbacks.

Nutrition manual 

You can download the complete nutrition manual from here

Resting intervals

Rest in between sets will play an essential role in HST-10. The resting period Jeet is recommending is 30 seconds in between sets. Because the resting period will be 30 seconds, even the lighter weight will be challenging to lift, and this is where the magic will happen.


Because HST-10 is a volume-based workout, it will play with your mind and tell you to rack lightweight so that you can efficiently perform the next set. Do not compromise on your lifting weights; it has to be between 40-50% of your 1 RM.

Eat 1-5 hours before training

Don't eat anything before HST-10. Your pre-workout meal should be at least 1.5 hours before your training. If you are one of those who likes to eat 30 minutes before training, HST-10 will make you puke, and you want to avoid this situation.

My recommendation

I believe this program has everything for you to get results. Be it fat loss, or even gaining quality muscles. Jeet has designed a program that is not just revolutionary but also easy for anyone to perform.

HST-10 is worth $1000, which Jeet Selal is giving away for free. HST-10, in my opinion, is a must-try for all who have a minimum of 1-2 years of training experience. Nothing to lose, you will only learn with this program.

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