BRAVO Rakesh Gupta From Martial arts to bodybuilder

rakesh gupta

Rakesh Gupta - The Trainer

There are very few bodybuilders in India who spend hours upgrading themselves on their fitness knowledge. They feel that they should read more to grow more muscles. Rakesh Gupta is one such bodybuilder and a successful online trainer who spends a reasonable amount of time in investing in his fitness knowledge.

With this acquired knowledge, Rakesh is helping hundreds get in shape through his online coaching platform. His fitness expertise is also helping Rakesh become an improved bodybuilder.

Tarun Gill Founder TG Talks Media talks to Rakesh Gupta in an exclusive feature. 

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Rakesh Gupta - the Journey

Rakesh got into fitness as a martial artist, at a very early age. He was only ten years old when his coach introduced him to fitness literature. Rakesh practiced martial arts for over nine years until he got admission in college.

He thought he might get admission to some good college with his sports credentials, but unfortunately, he could not. Colleges in Ludhiana, Punjab (that's where he is from) did not recognize Martial Arts as a sport.

Rakesh Gupta - 12 weeks transformation plan

Dropped out of college

After consistent persual and requests, the college finally admitted Rakesh on a sports quota on a condition that he should pick another sport. And guess what he chose, bodybuilding. And because he had great genetics, he became Mr. Punjab and Mr. Ludhiana in Bodybuilding within a year. And just when he thought he had made it, life took a different turn.

The financial crisis 

Everything was going fine for Rakesh, he was studying and was also competing in many bodybuilding competitions. But the financial condition at home was far from satisfactory. His family was struggling to make ends meet and even had a hard time putting food on the table.

Like any other good son, Rakesh stepped in and offered to support his family financially, for which he had to drop out of college.

free fitness courses

The tough phase

Rakesh, after quitting college, took the job of a fitness trainer. He started working in a gym to help out his family. Bodybuilding is an expensive sport where athletes need to spend a lot monthly on their nutrition and supplements. And because of the financial crunch, he had to quit professional bodybuilding.

He worked for more than eight years with just one focus on mind, to make enough money for his family.

Took up modeling

Rakesh has a good height and a great personality; many companies approached him for modeling assignments. He thought modeling could serve as another money-making avenue for him.

Though modeling was generating him extra income, but his passion was bodybuilding. Finally, after years of struggle, in 2017, when he saved enough money, he started preparing for bodybuilding competition again.

Turning point  

2017, turned out to be a game-changing year for Rakesh. He finally started doing what he truly loved, bodybuilding. After years of taking a break, when he finally competed and earned his medal, he got emotional.

He had to wait for years to be on the stage, which he loved so much. He realized the importance of doing something which you wholeheartedly believe in!

Best phase of his life

Rakesh is now in his best phase of life. He not only has his gym but also runs a successful online training business, helping thousands transform their bodies.

He has also become a professional bodybuilder and plays all the big bodybuilding competitions. Not only competing, but he is also winning medals in such contests. That's the kind of attitude which makes champions bodybuilders.

Rakesh's list of achievements is long, but his commitment to his family and bodybuilding is commendable. He never gave up on his dream to be a successful bodybuilder, regardless of any circumstances. Lots to learn from him.

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Tarun Gill is India's leading fitness marketing expert with a following of more than 1 million. He is also the Founder of TG Talks Media, India's biggest fitness media platform. He is a graduate from St Stephens College Delhi . He also holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management and Journalism. After serving major Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, HSBC, he took up fitness as a full time career, becoming India's first full time fitness Youtuber. Tarun is also an amazon bestselling fitness authors with six bestselling books under his belt. Recently he turned TV Producer by launching India's biggest fitness league, IFL, along with Bollywood actor, Suneil Shetty.


  1. I was fortunate to get introduced to fitness by Rakesh while staying in Ludhiana for almost 5 years. Not only is he effective ( was became as fit as a 20 yr old while being in late 40’s), his passion is unbelievable. I was not aware of his detailed background- which I now do after this read – and I wish him more & more in life . Saw his cute son in some videos too ……. love to him.


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