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Ramniwas Malik - The legend

Who could have thought that a boy from a small town of Panipat will rule the Indian bodybuilding industry as the most dominating bodybuilder? That's Ramniwas Malik, national bodybuilding champion and the winner of every medal in the bodybuilding industry.

Ramniwas journey started from Panipat, where there were hardly any gyms or fitness centers. But being a desi, he had the supreme genetics to do well in the sport of bodybuilding. 

Ramniwas Malik - Bodybuilding journey

Ramniwas started bodybuilding when he finished his 10th standard board examination. But his real inspiration came from his mentor, Ankur Sharma, 2006 national bodybuilding champion. When Ramniwas saw Ankur for the first time, he decided to become a professional bodybuilder.

Ankur, physique motivated Ramniwas to take up bodybuilding as a professional career. So much so, that Ramniwas requested Ankur to train and mentor him. Dr. Som Tuganit also helped Ramniwas with his physique 

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Training to be a bodybuilder

Ramniwas started his training to be a bodybuilder in the 2006 under Ankur Sharma, then national champion. Training was old school with a focus on push-ups, squats, and deadlifts. This style of training built a strong base for Ramniwas and gave him the size which he is known for now.

He trained for three years to finally get a medal in bodybuilding. This win not only gave him confidence but also the will power to continue it as a career.

The bodybuilding career 

When Ramniwas was competing and winning bodybuilding competitions, there was no social media. No one even knew the bodybuilding competitors and athletes who were winning medals for India and making the country proud. Ramniwas was one of them. He won so many medals for India that he has now almost lost the count of it.

Ramniwas belongs to the pre-social media generation of bodybuilders, where the focus was on winning medals that were first not posting a picture on social media. Maybe that's why bodybuilders like Ramniwas are not as famous as 21-year-old new social media bodybuilders.

Yes, these bodybuilders just put up edited pictures on social media to gain followers without playing any bodybuilding competition. And end up getting more famous than the real and raw bodybuilders like Ramniwas.

Social media and bodybuilding

Bodybuilders like Ramniwas have now realized the importance of being visible on social media. Its time for all old school bodybuilders to start leveraging the power of social media and tell everyone how the real bodybuilders look like.

Ramniwas is also now active on Instagram and shares his work out with his fans. Social media has become a bodybuilder's most crucial branding tool to market themselves. And more and more bodybuilders are coming forward to untap its hidden potential to promote themselves, and Ramniwas is one of them.

You need to be active on social media if you are a bodybuilder in today's day and age. Ramniwas is also trying to educate people on the concept of bodybuilding basics. 

Bodybuilding basics  

Today's generation is missing out on the basics and relying heavily on supplements and anabolics. Which, according to Ramniwas, is short term, and these bodybuilders will not last for very long.

Bodybuilding should keep everyone healthy, not make them unhealthy. Youngsters are abusing so many supplements that can be detrimental to their health. Instead, they should be focussing more on strengthing their basics so that they can grow naturally.

I hope the new generation of bodybuilders learn these things from Ramniwas, who has been competing for more than 15 years and is very healthy. I don't abuse my body; therefore, I only play one big competition each year, which keeps my body healthy and in perfect shape. 

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