Sandeep Baisoya can transform anyone in days

Sandeep baisoya

When I met Sandeep Baisoya, who is also known as Tiger in the fitness industry, I was surprised to see his following. He has trained more than 500 athletes, and all of them have had great results.

Now I know why people call him Tiger because he can transform anyone in days, which is almost impossible for anyone else. 

Tarun Gill Founder TG Talks Media talks to Sandeep Baisoya in an exclusive story. 

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Sandeep Baisoya - An athlete  

Sandeep Baisoya, is an athlete himself, that is why he understands the human body so well. He knows how to tweak diet and training plans as per athlete requirements.

Sandeep has been training for years. He was Mr. Delhi in 2015, and that is when he also started coaching people. He has a record of a minimum of five athletes in every bodybuilding competition in Delhi.

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The personal touch

I was curious to know his training and diet protocol, which is useful for so many athletes. His diet plan varies from person to person.

Some athletes come to him to get transformed for competition and some for general fitness. He understands his clients and then creates a plan accordingly. Plus, he trains all of them personally in his gym in Kotla, Delhi.

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19 days transformation

Is it possible for anyone to get transformed in 19 days? I would say, but Sandeep makes it possible by working with them for days. And the results speak for themselves.

This boy came to me and wanted six-pack abs in 19 days. Before committing, I had to look at his physique if he could take the load of my training.

I realized that he was training for years and had good muscle memory. So all I had to do was put him on a low carb diet and push him to train with me twice a day.

His diet included

No whey protein
No eggs

And his training pattern was high repetitions with a split body routine. Earlier, he was doing the opposite, relying on whey protein and taking too many eggs, which can bloat some people, and he was one of them.

This small change in his diet made all the difference.

sandeep baisoya

Four weeks transformation  

Sandeep Baisoya is a hands-on trainer; he wants to train people personally. And when there is a personal touch, impossible can happen.

Exactly how his four weeks training protocol works! When you have someone managing your diet and training, things do get easier for athletes.

But how does he manage the training and diet schedule of so many athletes? For me, my students mean the world to me. Whey they decide to join me, they become part of my family, and in family, everyone remembers each other's names and the food they prefer. Tells Sandeep.

sandeep baisoya

Training the best athletes

I have also featured Nitin Chandila, one of India's top bodybuilder, who is undoubtedly the future of Indian bodybuilding. Sandeep has been training him for years now, and the results have also started to show.

Nitin is winning competitions and also been seen as India's top future competitor for Mr.Olympia. Sandeep has been working on his training plus not to forget mentoring him for international competitions.

My goal for Nitin is to see him at Mr.Olympia. Not only he has the potential but also the genetics to be at that stage. Our training approach is very different.

Nitin has a sweet tooth, so I have to prepare a diet that keeps him away from the sweets. One cheat meal is fine, but a few here and there, and the results get compromised.

Sandeep is one of the top desi coaches in the bodybuilding industry. His approach is highly personal and gets the job done for athletes. 

To get transformed by Tiger Whatsapp him at 99534 05307

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Tarun Gill is India's leading fitness marketing expert with a following of more than 1 million. He is also the Founder of TG Talks Media, India's biggest fitness media platform. He is a graduate from St Stephens College Delhi . He also holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management and Journalism. After serving major Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, HSBC, he took up fitness as a full time career, becoming India's first full time fitness Youtuber. Tarun is also an amazon bestselling fitness authors with six bestselling books under his belt. Recently he turned TV Producer by launching India's biggest fitness league, IFL, along with Bollywood actor, Suneil Shetty.


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