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sergi constance

Sergi Constance - The journey

Ask anyone in India who their favorite fitness model is? 99% of young boys will say, Sergi Constance. Sergi's popularity in India, is at a different level. Boys not only look up to him for his great aesthetic body but also for his keen business sense, which has helped Sergi establish himself as a global fitness brand.

Sergi's Greek God physique matched with his business acumen is the talk of the town in the fitness industry. Not only is he inspiring everyone to take up fitness as a lifestyle but also giving a profound message that you can make a great career in the fitness industry.

Sergi Constance Childhood

Sergi was born in Valencia, Spain. He was a sporty and active kid who loved playing different sports and was good at it. He loved fitness so much that he decided to make a career in it. Therefore, he decided to pursue Sports Science and Physical Education college and earned his bachelor's degree. 

Sergi Constance diet plan

sergi constance

The gym bug

Sergi's bodybuilding journey is no different than anyone of us. In his quest to improve his physique, he went to the gym, and the rest is history. He fell in love with the bodybuilding lifestyle. The dieting, training, and the ability to craft your physique fascinated him to do something much bigger.

While he was pursuing his bachelor's degree, he also started getting many offers for fitness modeling. In a short span, Sergi had made significant progress with his physique and was drawing a lot of attention from the top brands. 

His looks and body were slowly becoming the benchmark of fitness modeling. His famous assignments included 

  • Iron Man magazine cover
  • Solid Homme magazine cover
  • Wire magazine cover
  • Muscle and Fitness magazine cover

Turned Pro  

After finishing his bachelor's degree, Sergi turned pro and became one of the most successful WBFF PRO Muscle Model. His growing popularity and massive fan base has also made him the global ambassador of fitness modeling.

This has allowed Sergi to travel the world and has received so much much of fan love, which he finds heartwarming. His fan following in India, has been growing consistently, making him come to India almost every year for fitness expos.

Successful businessman

​Sergi, recently, has launched his apparel brand. He knows how important it is to have multiple revenue streams to generate self-sustaining income in the fitness industry. His apparel brand has been doing exceptionally well and has earned him many accolades.

Sergi has proved to everyone that a successful fitness model can be successful fitness entrepreneurs as well.

Sergi Constance workout plan

sergi constance
sergi constance
sergi constance
sergi constance
sergi constance
sergi constance


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