Shobhit Shukla vegetarian lost 30 kgs in 10 weeks

shobhit shukla

Shobhit Shukla the vegetarian

There are times when you see yourself in the mirror and don't like the image which looks back at you. Most of us find a way to live with that image, but then some of us figure out a way to change the way they look.

That's the story of Shobhit Shukla, a 19-year-old vegetarian who transformed himself in just 12 weeks. Tarun Gill Founder TG Talks Media talks to Shobhit Shukla on his journey. 

Shobhit Shukla - How did he do it

Transformation is not just about losing weight but about discovering yourself. Shobhit was always an obese kid, living under an inferiority complex. Fat kids usually have a tough time growing up because they are bullies' favorites.

Bullies love taunting and teasing fat kids, knowing they won't resist or retaliate. Shobhit was also one of them, who feared such bullies. 

Download Shobhit Shukla transformation plan

Had enough 

Shobhit knew he could not live this life under constant fear; he had to do something now. He started researching fitness coaches on the web, who could help him lose this unwanted weight.

He even met up with few, but almost all of them recommended him anabolics, viz performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) to lose weight.

He was clear that he would never use any steroids to transform his body because he had seen people using and paying the price with nasty side effects.

Found a Coach 

While researching, Shobhit stumbled upon TG Talks Media Youtube channel, which has featured over 300 athletes and coaches with their inspirational fitness stories.

On TG Talks, he found his coach, who ultimately changed his life and body. That coach was India's leading transformational Specialist, Yash Thakur, who had transformed more than 2500 people online.

The journey began

Yash knew that he has a tough task up his sleeve. Shobhit was so fat that he could barely perform strength training exercises. Yash had to design his training program in such a way that he not only should get results but also stay injury-free.

Finally, Yash sent him the training and diet program over WhatsApp after an hour-long chat about his dietary habits.

The challenge  

Shobit was very excited to follow the plan, but right in his first week, he struggled to stay on course. Yash had modified his vegetarian eating pattern, which turned out to be the biggest roadblock for Shobhit.

Someone who loves junk cannot live on healthy vegetarian meals. Therefore, Yash had to continually stay in touch with Shobhit to mentor and motivate him to follow the diet and training protocol.

Yash's constant support kept him going, and before he could realize, he had lost 30 kgs in record-breaking ten weeks.

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The diet and supplements

You can find Shobhit's diet and training plan in his free ebook above. But what's worth mentioning is that Shobhit did not use any anabolics in his transformation.

Even the supplements he used were just whey protein and mild natural fat burners. This tells us that natural transformations are possible and can be done under proper guidance.

Hire a coach

A good coach can make a world of difference to your fitness goal. A coach knows the path, and following him can make your life a lot easier.

Shobhit is now confident that he wants to compete naturally, at an international stage. Who could have thought that a boy who could barely even move, would become a lean, mean machine and inspire so many other natural fitness enthusiasts with his fitness levels?

Hire a good coach, and stick with him, if you want results, That's what I have learned in my ten-week journey, and I am not letting Yash go anywhere unless we achieve our dream to compete at the international stage 

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Tarun Gill is India's leading fitness marketing expert with a following of more than 1 million. He is also the Founder of TG Talks Media, India's biggest fitness media platform. He is a graduate from St Stephens College Delhi . He also holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management and Journalism. After serving major Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, HSBC, he took up fitness as a full time career, becoming India's first full time fitness Youtuber. Tarun is also an amazon bestselling fitness authors with six bestselling books under his belt. Recently he turned TV Producer by launching India's biggest fitness league, IFL, along with Bollywood actor, Suneil Shetty.


  1. Hi yash if u r looking to this message I also want a diet and exercise plan from u…I am 28 from mumbai my wight is 97 kg and height is 5’8..I want loose my wait and convert it into muscular.

  2. hii i am monoj from assam ,i am 34 years old my wight is 102kg and my hight is 5f 9in .i horribily need a proper diet plan can you help me


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