Tarun Gill features Shubham Singh’s skinny to super muscular transformation

Tarun Gill features Shubham Singh

Shubham Singh - The transformer

Every transformation has a strong motivation. Research suggests that more you are hurt, the easier it gets to achieve your goal. 90% of body transformation happens to either prove a point to someone or yourself. But the trigger point is always someone who has hurt you so bad that it pushes you to take action.

That's what happened with Shubham Singh, a simple boy who fell in love with a girl he met on Facebook. 

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Shubham Singh - The journey

Shubham was a regular boy from Ludhiana, Punjab, who met a girl on Facebook through a common friend. They started chatting and became good friends in a week. But the problem was that the girl was from Delhi, approx. 400 km away from Shubham.

But that didn't stop Shubham from falling in love with this girl. They decided to meet after a few weeks, and it was apparent that they had feelings for each other.

They started dating each other in weeks and realized that the long distance between them is becoming a cause of concern.

Shubham Singh diet and training plan

The decision 

Shubham being an aggressive person, then decided to move to Delhi so that he could solve this problem of long-distance between him and his girlfriend. Shubham had a sales job in a retail store with multiple stores across India.

Shubham requested his office manager to transfer him to Delhi on the same profile. Fortunately, there was an opening in their sales office; the transfer took place with ease.

Moved to Delhi  

Shubham was very excited to move to Delhi. Big city with many opportunities, Shubham thought this move would amplify not just his love life but also his professional life.

From meeting once a month, Shubham started meeting his girlfriend every day. Romance was at its peak, and everything was going fine. But Shubham realized in her girlfriend's conversations that how aspirational she is about making it big.

But he considered this aspirational trait to be her strength, which he was proud of.

Things changed 

It was just another day for Shubham, when his girlfriend told him about her plans to move abroad for better career opportunities. Shubham thought she was joking, but the seriousness in her eyes stated that she would not be him anymore.

And that was the end of this relationship. Shubham felt betrayed, as if his whole world has come crashing down. He went in depression for more than three months, trying to self counsel that everything will be fine.

Turning point  

Shubham had hit rock bottom. He was emotionally broken and had lost interest in pretty much everything. Then, something came from within, where he realized that it was not the end of the world for him. His self-counseling had finally worked.

And the first thing he did was to join a gym and improve his physical well being. He wanted to sweat it out and remove all the harmful toxins from his body, which were preventing him from thinking logically.

He started training with weights and started feeling a lot better. He fell in love with the process of lifting weights to craft the body of his dreams.

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Became a pro bodybuilder

Shubham had so much frustration within that he channelized all his anger, in making his physique. Within weeks he had sculpted into a chiseled, ripped muscle monster which everyone was complimenting.

He now knew he could do something with this physique, so he started appearing for bodybuilding competitions for exposure. And to his surprise, he was also winning most of them.

Shubham had found a new direction in his professional career. Th break up may have been brutal on Shubham but gave him something which he never thought he could achieve, a dream physique.

Shubham is now a professional bodybuilder, and he also works at a retail store to make ends meet. His passion is bodybuilding, and he is adamant about making a full-time career in it.


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