Thakur Anoop Singh interview by Tarun Gill 2020 EXCLUSIVE

thakur anoop singh

Thakur Anoop Singh Interview - Exclusive

I remember meeting Thakur Anoop Singh a couple of years ago. What struck me about him was his go-getter attitude, which was so contagious that prompted me to do his one hour 30 minutes long interview. That Thakur Anoop Singh interview on TG Talks got more than 1 million views on Youtube and continues to do rounds on Facebook as the best bodybuilding motivation of all time.

Thakur Anoop Singh interview - the Motivation

Everything happens for a reason, but when something goes wrong, you often question why did this happen to me. Anoop felt precisely that when he was shown the pink slip and was laid off from his job of a pilot before he even started his career back in the late 2000s, thanks to the global recession.

Becoming a pilot is an expensive proposition and requires lacs of rupees for its training. People spend that much money hoping the job in the aviation industry of a pilot will make it up to all this expense. But, after spending so much, you don't get a job, it becomes a major cause of disappointment and even depression for some people.

But not for Anoop! He was only good at two things. Flying or acting. Flying was not working anymore, so he had no option but to choose acting now.

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Thakur Anoop Singh, the actor

Anoop shared his acting option with his father, and his father reluctantly said no questioning the spend on pilot education. All that money would go down the drain if Anoop would pivot now and change course.

But somehow, Anoop convinced his father and started his acting journey. Anoop gave 129 auditions and was rejected by all production houses. i didn't know anything about acting, and in every audition i would get nervous seeing people and the lighting," tells Anoop.

One year of struggle, Anoop was not even able to crack one audition. His concerned parents also amicably told him to get back to studies, considering his acting career was not going anywhere.

Deep down, Anoop was guilty of not doing justice to the money his parents had spent on his education. And this was killing him silently, making him more hungry and driven to get some acting gig.

Had to survive  

Anoop had to prove a point to himself. And at least make money to meet his daily expense. His 129 rejections taught him to be fearless. He got so used to hearing a no that nothing would affect him anymore, which ultimately started showing in his performance. He became free of all the inhibitions, and his acting improved.

Finally, he cracked a small role in a TV serial. He was so excited to see himself on TV that he told everyone about it. His parents felt proud that his career has taken a start.

Finally got a role

Anoop Singh Thakur didn't care much about the role. All he wanted to prove to everyone that I can come on TV. I am not a quitter, and I have finally done what I said I would.

It was a small role in a Hindu mythological series, for which he had to fly to Baroda. He gave a stellar performance and came back to Mumbai, his home town. He was so happy that finally his dream to be on TV has come true.

His show got aired, and Anoop's performance got appreciated. Anoop, for the first time, felt like a star, but this was short-lived. The channel shut down after airing few episodes of the serial. And Anoop as back to square one.

The struggle continued  

And the struggle again started, but Anoop Singh Thakur was ready for it. And when he got his first paycheque of Rs. 75000, he was the happiest man on earth. He gave that money to his father, thanking him for everything he has done for him.

He continued his acting journey and landed up a meaty role of the blind king in Mahabharata. This was a turning point in his career. He essayed the role with such panache that everyone in the TV industry took notice of him.

Got into bodybuilding

Anoop Singh Thakur being a method actor, had to put on a lot of weight to play the character of Dhritrashtra, the blind king. The show was almost coming to an end, and for Anoop to stay relevant had to lose the extra weight.

He joined the gym, and given his dedication to his gym routine, he started losing weight in days. Not just that, he was sculpting himself into a fitness model, a physique that no one in India had seen.

Anoop's coach recommended that he should compete in a bodybuilding show called body power, which will be a perfect opportunity for Anoop to showcase his physique.

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No looking back  

Anoop not only competed in body power but also ended up winning the show. This win changed his life and made him a household name in the fitness industry. From there onwards, he went on to represent India and win the Prestigious Mr. World title for India.

Now Anoop is a skilled tv actor and a movie star. He has done big movies with South actors and has even worked in Bollywood blockbusters like Commando 2 with Vidyut Jamwal.

Many youngsters in India look up to Anoop for his perseverance and will power to make it big, not just in fitness but in movies as well. HATS OFF.


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