body transformation

The ultimate Body transformation workout |Diet and training plan

Body transformation program  We all want to transform our bodies, but we don't know the formula for body transformation. We see so many transformation stories...
raghav narang

How Raghav Narang gained 10 kgs muscle mass

Raghav Narang - Can do anythingFriends tend to say many things to each other as part of their daily banter. But sometimes, what they...
ekansh taneja

How Ekansh Taneja lost 37 kgs

Ekansh Taneja- breaking boundaries No doubt, body transformations are inspirational, and we get to see hundreds of them almost every day on our social media...

AMAZING Naveen from teacher to pro bodybuilder in 2020

Naveen - From the village When you first see Naveen, he would come across as a professional fitness model, with a looks people only dream...
anuj nagar

Anuj Nagar From liver failure to bodybuilding champion

Anuj Nagar - the fighter Who can tell looking at Anuj Nagar, that this man gave up on life a few years ago battling an...
sunder tanwar

Sunder Tanwar gained 10 kgs muscle in 50 days

Sunder Tanwar - The ripped machineSome people genetics are amazingly supreme. With little effort, their gains appear larger than life. Especially common amongst desis,...
shobhit shukla

Shobhit Shukla vegetarian lost 30 kgs in 10 weeks

Shobhit Shukla the vegetarian There are times when you see yourself in the mirror and don't like the image which looks back at you. Most...
ravi pawar

SALUTE Ravi Pawar school teacher and Pro bodybuilder

I remember meeting Ravi Pawar about a year ago when I featured him on TG Talks Media, India's number one fitness media platform. Ravi...
Sandeep baisoya

Sandeep Baisoya can transform anyone in days

When I met Sandeep Baisoya, who is also known as Tiger in the fitness industry, I was surprised to see his following. He has...
amazing 12 weeks transformation

Amazing 12 weeks transformation

Amazing 12 weeks transformation but can you transform your body in 12 weeks? Well, for most people, it is an impossible task, but for...

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