Mr Universe Wasim Khan bodybuilder training secrets | VIDEO

wasim khan bodybuilder

Wasim Khan bodybuilder

I remember meeting Wasim Khan bodybuilder a few years ago in his New Delhi Gym. As a Founder of TG Talks media, my role involves meeting many Indian bodybuilders and showing their achievements to the world. Wasim Khan was one such bodybuilder based out Delhi, who came back from Europe after winning the title of Mr. Universe.

After entering his gym, the first sight I saw of Wasim Khan training high intensity with no air conditioning or fan. He was sweating profusely, and it was evident that he was enjoying his workout.

Wasim khan bodybuilder medals

Right in the middle of the gym, I saw a corner with almost a thousand medals and trophies of Wasim Khan displaying his hard-earned achievements. It was a testimony of his hard work, which he had put in for years to get to where he is now. That sight is unforgettable, and I think it is a dream for every Indian athlete.

Wasim khan training secrets

I was inquisitive to see Wasim khan sweating so much in his gym, so my first obvious question was around his sweating. And why doesn't he switch on the air conditioning or any fan when he trains.

Wasim Khan video

No Fan while training

Bodybuilders back in the 80s never used any fan when they trained. And Wasim Khan follows the same training methodology when he works out. He believes the more he sweats, the better he feels. It has nothing to do with any scientific benefits, but only personal preference.

Motivation to put on muscle mass

Wasim khan, when started bodybuilding, was only 45 kgs. People used to make fun of his weight, which drove Wasim to the gym and train. Wasim Khan knew that the only way to shut them up is by putting on quality muscle mass. He exemplifies what cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar did in his days. Never answer your critics with your tongue but by scoring a century. And that's precisely what Wasim khan did; he answered everyone by making a world-class physique.

Push natural 

Wasim Khan believes that being natural is one of the most effective ways to build muscle mass in the long run. If your goal is to pack on new muscle mass and stay lean all year long, train natural with a focus on compound exercises. But if you are trying to compete, then the road ahead may be different.

People think that adding steroids and performance enhancement drugs they will get their dream body in days. This is one of the biggest myths not just in the fitness industry but amongst youngsters. Many aspiring bodybuilders come to my gym asking me to train them personally and specifically question me on the cycle, which I will put them on. But the truth is that there is no cycle to add muscle mass; it is your hard work and genetics.

Aim high 

Your body is a beautiful machine, and you can add muscle mass at any age. There is no limit on how much muscle you can put on your body. Your imagination is your only limitation. After winning so many national and international titles, Wasim Khan is still trying to add more muscles on his frame. That shows he is never satisfied with his body and still making every effort to change his body.

It is his this spirit is what makes Wasim Khan India's most celebrated bodybuilder. He is never satisfied with his own body and always trying to improve his physique. When most bodybuilders think they have acquired their dream body, Wasim Khan, on the other hand, puts twice the effort to take his body to another level.

Wasim Khan exclusive interview

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